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PIPING above and below ground level for gases, fluids and granulated solids

AUTOMATION of bulk storage, process, predictive maintenance and inventory

DISMANTALING of machinery, structures, clean up, and transport

FABRICATION of frames, structures, piping, metal buildings, catwalks, stairs, handrails, ladders with cages, and motion machine weldments

VENTILATION of work areas thru walls and roof to create cross flow and convection air currents, combustion equipment and process systems

CRANE WAYS design build, repair, load test crane way and overhead crane

DESIGN BUILD any structure, piping system, and automation process

BULK STORAGE of fluids, cryogenic gases, granular solids

WATER BLASTING of surfaces for painting, clear obstructions in pipes, cleaning of tanks and vessels with 3D nozzle robot, and demolition of concrete

FOUNDATIONS including foundations floating on grade, deep foundation pile, spread footings with beams or walls, cooling tower basins, treatment basins, tank farm containment,

METAL BUILDINGS for storage, offices, commercial, and homes

CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR of pavement and structure

MOTION EQUIPMENT maintenance, repairs, retro-fits, up-grades, installation, electric motor replacement, and shaft alignments

Engineering and Detailing

We offer Engineering and Detailing service to move project concepts forward.   A process of identifying and solving problems is required to resolve a scope of work.  Promoting a project without detailing it is not a good idea.  Planning before the job is worth more than the experience after the job.  Contact us about the engineering and detailing processes that will set value and costing of your proposed project.


We offer annual maintenance proposals for three most popular maintenance strategies. 

Reactive - "run it till it fails"

Predictive - automated warnings and alarms

Preventive - scheduled maintenance

Contact us if up-time production is an important topic where you work.



Fabrication and Erection

We offer structural steel structures and elements fabricated in our shop and on your jobsite followed by erection and installation. 

Contact us about the current tools we employ and the results they yield.





Foundations have a high rate of failures for basic reasons.  The surface of the earth is an active region of change. "Change is the only constant" for any foundation.  Predicting foundation support variances is the most important consideration of foundation design.

Contact us if you need a foundation that needs to "stay put".

Metal Buildings

We offer metal buildings for storage, offices and homes to anyone who wants one. 

Contact us if you want a specific type of building or you want to avoid the problems of valued engineered metal building design and construction pointed-out by horizontal panels.

Ventilation of Buildings

It gets hot in Central Texas and it is going to get hotter every year.

Avoid more maintenance and electric bills and get cross flows and convention flows of air moving thru your building.

Contact us when you are ready to cool off.