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Insured to work at manufacturing, processing facilities and mines

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About us: We are a self-performing industrial mechanical contractor specializing in design-build construction, motion millwright service, and maintenance in a wide range of industrial and commercial environments.  


     We offer Design–Build service of which is the oldest form of construction procedure. The Master Builder answers the Client's wishes for a single point of responsibility, reduces risks and overall costs, and is the top choice of construction-maintenance engineered solutions in private commerce.


     We offer industrial mechanical service that includes motion millwright skills identifying and solving problems, equipment installations-repairs-retro fits-up grades, alinement of motor shafts to loads, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, logic controls, ventilation, piping, material handling conveyors-elevators, bulk storage receiving-load-out, and structural design-engineering-fabrication-erection.


This company was established in the year 1972 and has been performance driven by the nature of the manufacturing and processing industries that we wanted to serve.


Our ability to identify and solve problems with Engineering followed with a wide range of service sets us apart from other contractors.


Most of our Engineering and service challenges originated from a Customer’s request for maintenance service or a need to rectify a persistent problem at their facility.


And some of our biggest projects were a result of responding to an unplanned outage.


The engineering, concrete, steel and motion millwright skill sets do complement each other and the bundling together of the skills is an absolute necessity for a Competent General Contractor of capital and maintenance projects.


The photographs in this presentation are recent records of our work activities and we will offer you references that will verify what you see in this presentation are fact. 




We install big doors – 48ft x 16ft Bi-Fold




We core drill big holes thru concrete – diamond tools cuts ReBars and anything else in it’s path


2.7ft dia. x 14ft depth Pile Foundations for a design-build 10-ton Crane Way – low head height enviornment


An innovative combination of services


Equipment – installations, retro fits, & up grades

Steel Fabrication – on site & fabrication shop

Maintenance – fixes, repairs, & replacements

Shot Crete – ponds, tanks, walls, & refractory

Water blasting – cleaning & demolition

Special buildings & structures

Concrete – repairs & new work

Piping above & below ground

Demolition & dismantling

Environmental projects




Proposal caliper logo



A quick and easy process


Our proposal has some clear advantages


You will be informed of the specifics of the scopes of work, a schedule of values, a schedule of events, and a plan.


Proposals are detailed offers that are more comprehensive than bids, estimates, and quotes, are incredibly beneficial for complex projects, and are an absolute requirement by state laws to guide the settlement of an insurance claim and specific performance.   


 A proposal is a preparation of a comprehensive plan and agreement to settle predicted issues saving time and anguish to complete the work.


Send your request for a proposal to:





The frequently asked questions when discussing project proposals:


1)       Question:     How many men do you employ?

Answer:       That depends on our work load, backlog, and contracts we have at the time of the inquiry.

Most of our employees are casual labor and Gig labor assigned-pledged to a particular client or project.

We maintain a fabrication shop and mobile resources for spot market maintenance and construction.


2)       Question: What is your service area?

Answer:    All of the lower 48-states


3)       Question:  What is a casual labor employee?

Answer:    Casual labor refers to part-time or temporary workers who fill an immediate need for an employer and are not part of the regular staff.  This is most popular market demand behavior of today’s buyers and sellers.


4)       Question: What is the Gig Economy?

Answer:     A labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs.

"Working in the gig economy means constantly being subjected to last-minute scheduling" but the benefits are outstanding compared to a steady job.


5)       Question:  Where did all the skilled labor go and why do we have a labor shortage?

Answer:    They followed the money to the spot market service sector seeking performance pay and a better life style.



6)       Question:   What’s Next for the Skilled Labor Shortage?

Answer:     More dependency on supervisors that are able and willing to supervise low wage casual workers. The price driven construction and maintenance market directive provisions limited investment to on-site job training of simple tanks.


7)       Question.  What is the relevance of “price driven” versus “performance driven”?

Answer:    Price-driven is lowest cost constraint.

 Performance-driven is the highest cost constraint.


8)       Question:  What is third party indemnity?

Answer:     Financial responsibly for the law suits of workmen and the public.


9)       Question:   Are third party liabilities an insurable risk?

Answer:    Yes, to a limit within public policy, the state anti-indemnity statutes, and the Texas standard market insurance forms.


You can insure the world if you are willing to pay for it.


We provide standard market Texas standard Workers Compensation and Commercial General Liability insurance that protects us as the owner of the insurance policy and the primary insured, and our clients as the additional insured. The insurance policy includes over 30 additional insureds endorsements options, that include well defined claim triggers and claim limits in compliance with public policy.


Anyone can purchase special market third-party liability insurance coverages. Special market insurance coverage is hard to get, requiring extensive applications and background checks of all insureds, huge pre-payments, hard security terms and conditions that specifies limited and well-defined claim triggers and limits to hold harmless, indemnify and insure the public against their own acts of willful negligence under conditions not compliant with public policy and state Anti-Indemnity statues.


You can review our current insurance coverage, the ISO insurance form CG 00 01 04 13, current insurance declarations, and a schedule of endorsements-exclusions definitions at www.millwrightsites.com/indemnity


10)  Question:  What makes “risk” a big issue?

 Answer:    Risk is a differentiator.

Uninsurable risks and losses are not separable and will change and eliminate a service provider’s business prospects.


A typical corporate crafted contract transfers extraordinary risks beyond the point of diminishing return of an investment.

The transfer of risks provisions of a client’s contract is the “deal-breaker” most of the time.


We have done a lot and have seen a lot and we have incurred losses that were not our fault only because it was a contractual agreement to hold harmless, indemnify, and defend the negligent acts of others not commissioned by us.


NOTE: Contracting is about contracts. 

We will not take on any project that has an inherent risk that exceeds 1/3 of the invoice-contract value or exceeds $100,000, whichever comes first.  Uninsurable risks, work safety hazards, environmental hazards, poor communication with stakeholders, poor documentation, negative cash flow, project delays, aging accounts receivables are some of the outstanding parts of the risk computation.


11)  Question:  Why are quotation-proposal terms and conditions so important?

 Answer:    It is the key-way to protect a business and ensure its professionalism, as well as mitigating risks and to make sure parties to an agreement know what their obligations and responsibilities are.


We base the costing of a proposal on our terms and conditions if not instructed differently.

The terms and conditions of our proposal can be examined at www.millwrightsites.com/proposal/proposal.pdf

Our markup of a AIA Sub-Contractor contract form can be examined at  www.millwrightsites.com/proposal/AIA 401_2017


12) Question:   What is public policy?

Answer:     Public policy is a course of action created and/or enacted, typically by a government, in response to public, real-world problems defined by state and federal constitutions and the president of civil law.


13) Question:  What is the largest job you completed?

 Answer:   $7,000,000 Shredder project for CMC Steel TX.

We placed over 10,000 cubic yards over a 12-month period, installed underground piping, and installed process equipment.


14)  Question:  Can you provide a payment and performance bonding of contracts?

 Answer:    Yes, we can, but our decision will depend on the risk-rewards of the agreement we make.



15)  Question:   ISN first? <> Browse first? <> PICS first? <> Other procurement managers first?

You need to complete out contractor’s qualification form first?

 Answer:     Nothing comes before the core prospect of a sale.  The opportunities are not big enough to justify the investments when the probabilities are still low at such an early stage in the sales process.


We are judicious about investing time and resources in efforts that have a history of unproductive results.  We will do what is necessary when we see the customary positive signs of business progress that will encourage us to proceed. 

We don’t want to waste the effort if it turns out that we were never a serious candidate for your business.



16)  Question:  Do you have a safety program?

Answer:      Yes, we have a safety program that includes technical instructions of proven methods, job site practice drills, and class room training.  You can examine our safety programs and training materials at www.millwrightsites.com/safety


17)  Question:   Do you carry Commercial General Liability Insurance?

 Answer:     Yes <> We carry the following CGL Insurance:

You review our coverages at  www.millwrightsites.com/indemnity/CGL insurance FY2021.pdf


Commercial General Liability form ISO form CG 00 01 04 13

Texas standard coverage's (Texas Insurance Code 151.102)

$1,000,000 aggregate of limited form indemnity

Endorsements: Operations and Premises Liability, Completed Operations and Products Liability, Personal Injury Liability Insurance, Limitation of Coverage to Designated Premises or Project (CG 21 44), Railroad ROW"s. Contractual Liability—Railroads CG 24 17 or CG 24 27 limits injury or damage that is caused in whole or in part by the contractor or those acting on the contractor's behalf.

Exclusions: Expected Or Intended Injury, Damage To Our Product, Damage To Our Work, Damage To Impaired Property Or Property Not Physically Injured, Recall Of Products, Work Or Impaired Property, Personal And Advertising Injury, Electronic Data, Recording And Distribution Of Material Or Information In Violation Of Law,  Engineers, Surveyors, Silica, Bacteria, Fungi, Pollution, Overspray, Nuclear, Asbestos, Lead, Cross Suits, Broad Form Indemnities, Wavier of Subrogation, Contractual Liability, Residential, and Additional Insured – Clients/Owners.

Additional Insured - owners, lessees or contractors  

Employers Mutual Casualty Company form CG7650(9-09)


18)  Question:   Are you a subscriber of the Texas Workers Compensation System?

 Answer:      Yes





FY2020 Earnings by Occupation according to Bureau of Labor Statistics

Carpenters $26-hr $54,500-yr    

Construction Laborers $21-hr $43,500-yr  

Maintenance-Construction Supervisors, Managers, Engineers $51-hr   $106,200-yr

Average Weekly Hours of work 40 to 45-hours








SHOW ME technical and a demonstration and I will practice what you instructed me to trust before trusting it. 

COMMON SENSE demands experienced team members, proven methods, equipment, rescue and self-recovery.

HISTORY HAS SHOWN that you are alone for the most part when working at heights and depths. 

REHEARSAL AND PRACTICE is a requirement and not an option.




Service tower foundation for a very large electrical transformer


Fabrication of the transformer service tower at out fabrication shop


Transport of the service tower from our fabrication shop to the job site

   CMC Xfmr Xchange Tower August 19th 2010 059

Erection of the service tower

All 16 anchors bolts fit the tower base plates – we know how jig anchor bolts for a true fit



Design-build-install of the stairs and walk way


We install processing and manufacturing equipment




We install steam heat trace tubing to bulk storage tanks


We CNC (Computer Numerical Control) shape cut plate parts in our fabrication and on the job site.


meeting maintenance and constructions demands of

concrete - steel - machinery

engineering   -   maintenance



What is a Millwright?


A millwright is a high-precision craftsman or tradesman who installs, dismantles, repairs, reassembles, and moves machinery in factories, power plants, and construction sites.

As the name suggests, the original function of a millwright was the construction of flour mills, sawmills, paper mills and fulling mills powered by water or wind, mostly of wood with a limited number of metal parts.  Since both of these structures originated from antiquity, millwrighting could be considered, arguably, as one of the oldest engineering trades and the forerunner of the modern mechanical engineer.



Popular Service disciplines we delivered


>Crane Systems – design build - testing - modifications

>Water Blasting – cleaning and concrete demolition

>Equipment – installations - retro fits and up grades

>Maintenances – fixes – repairs and replacement’s

>Rail Road Trac receive and load out systems

>Steel Fabrication – on site and in fab shop

>Engineering - detailing fabrications

>Piping – above and below ground

>Special buildings and structures

>Concrete – new work – repairs

>Demolition and dismantling

>Environmental projects

>Earth work




We will offer multi-staged proposals and tenders for projects that are funded and definitely scheduled to proceed.

Additionally, we offer to take on functions such as design and management because the tender process and procurement routes have become more complex and current prospective tenders are generally sought for a wide range of goods and services.


Project Management

Delivering the basic benefits of a project management study:

>Identifying and solving problems with engineering

>Using photogrammetry and drones to collect data

>Determine the scopes of work and a schedule of costing

>Finding the lowest cost alternatives using value engineering

>Gantt Chart times and events for the efficiency of the action plan

>Identifying and solving problems with engineering:

*sequence of operations and automation IO’s,

*routings of pipes, conveyers, wheel & foot traffic

*space requirements of operations and maintenance

*power requirements, ventilation, lighting, fire control

*structural frames, equipment arrangements, foundations & etc.


ICC - International Code Council     http://www.msha.gov/home/infocus/1.png

ICC candidate #ICNON040409                 MSHA registered contractor





Placement of electrical testing equipment


 SMI Shredder crane 4

Installation of a pedestal crane – We built the foundation that supports it




Replacement of electrical transformers in a manufacturing test facility in South Texas where tacos, barbecue, tequila, and beer are the four basic food groups.





Can you imagine the difficulty and risk with a swing lift thru the door at 28ft above ground level of 40,000lbs transformer that does not exist for sale and that is made to special order?  Some other guys before us caused a lot anxiety doing that swing lift thru the door. 

We built a platform to work safe for the cost of aditional labor cost and  crane service required for a swing lift.








The retro-fit installation of a concrete shear wall at an US air base facility where 450 Airmen will control unmanned aircraft all over the world.

The computer room sub-floor was removed to enable the mounting of the shear wall on the foundation.






We design-build-install material handling equipment








A view of work in progress in our fabrication shop




Stainless steel chemical piping fabricated in our fabrication shop




A metal building addition




We install and service rail switches and install thru building receive pits







Concrete placement








We install unground conduit piping and vaults for high voltage power distribution





We castellate beams to make durable embeds for anchoring dinamic process equipment




A design-build ventilation project of a cement finish mill building where the wind geratorators out number the legal citizens.


Top row of louvers are 105ft above ground level of which is about ½ the height of a wind generator shaft.










A design-build 12ft depth basement foundation














A bulk liquid oxygen storage facility in central Texas where every third or fourth person you meet is an engineer of some sort.






A retro-fit upgrade of a hydraulic mold puller from a spin cast carbon cloth pipe in our fabrication shop




Concrete paving




Shop fabrication of roll line conveyor tolerance-set jigs




Modifications to a paddle mixer and an improvement of underground piping    




Embedded rails to protect a high voltage underground vault from bucket loader abrasion




Reseal and reinstall of hot oil rotary connection




Replacement of bucket elevator belt and bucket night shift and day shifts





Replacement of bucket elevator head pulley lagging    









Replacement of cantalever rods thru concete beam and concrete roof




Shop fabrication and site installation of prefabricated abrasion resistant loader ramp








Oxyethermic torch manifold station for steel scrap preparartion                                                          





  Hot gas bypass duct work at cement mill in South Texas city where you know

it is aformal occasion when you get a glass with a longneck beer.

















line-up of ducting for square fit up of pipe spool



Installation of elevated conveyor belt span section






















A design-build on the fly of a bulk storage facility, structures, piping, pneumatic conveyor systems, belt conveyors, chutes, spouts, multiple retro-fits of existing process equipment, and the installation of new additional process equipment in a process plant in the great state of Alabama where the legal drinking age is 21, but the “real” drinking age is 14.


We identified and solved problems daily and produce engineered drawings on site just-in -time for schedule outages.












Auger cast foundation piles












You know that you are in the great state of Alabama when see murals of Sam Houston


Oct 11th 2011 019  


Testing the load capacity of an auger cast pile















Nov 14th 2011 010



































AL March 22nd 2012 029    AL March 22nd 2012 031 



May 3rd 2012 Carbo Eufaula AL 042  
































  last days on job early July 2012 034




A cut-in door to the elevated production floor for crane service landing.





Cutting pipe to length






A design-build roof opening for crane access of centrafuge machines on the elevated production floor

We modified the roof structure to make this possilble.



May 3rd 2012 Carbo Eufaula AL 068      


 May 4th 2012 Eufaula AL 010





















April 18th 2012 036     



You know where you are when you ask a cattleman “how is business?” and he answers the question with one

word “chickenization”.

When Fire Ants
























2012-12-06_18-18-41_149   081026







Motion Millwright service


Sanderson FM rail recieve scale MVC-011S Sanderson FM rail recieve scale MVC-008S




MVC-004S MVC-015S


We raise and lower scale receive decks with hydraulic power and protect our men with cross-beams to replace motion parts under the scale deck.


SMI 100 thp Furnace 8  2013-06-02_09-07-50_838


Text message 210.669.6552 ~ 830.560.2109 ~ 830.491.7256 or Email office@millwrightsites.com

Elevators – Conveyors – mixers – crushers – pumps - Cranes

spout piping & chutes – Motors – Cyclone Fans

Precise shaft coupling and laser alignments


measuring instruments 001   20131010_124503

Some of the instruments and tools we use to align shafts and C4 Roller Bearing replacement

2013-07-02_10-25-05_481   SMI 100 thp Furnace 1

We install and repair process equipment

torch work at SMI caster 





We offer Crew Service for

Maintenance - Construction



Call or text message 210.669.6552 ~ 830.560.2109

Email office@millwrightsites.com







ü   Motion Millwright

ü   Concrete construction

ü   Demolition and dismantling

ü   Drilling and cutting concrete

ü   Foundation and concrete repairs

ü   Piping above and below ground level

ü   Metal buildings and special structures

ü   Custom steel fabrications on site and fabrication shop

ü   Machine repairs and fixes to get the system operational

ü   Assembly of equipment and machines thru motion testing

ü   Custom shape cutting of steel and stainless-steel plate

ü   Precision shaft alignments of motors and transmissions

ü   Water blasting for cleaning, flushing pipes and demolition


















a valuable and distinctive service


Engineering - Design-build

Gathering of information to identify and solve problems

immediately followed by fabrication and installation

Engineering caliper logo

001027 MVC-012F




Tyson stair Tyson load out stairs


If you have any experience with getting things done you know that

“Planning before the job is worth more than experience after the job”


Carbo Dark Side Ladder & Platform (3) fabshop 013


050205  Tyson Crumbler MVC-007S


Do it right the first time


company personnel 008  60 foot door truss 033


Engineering is essential to success


Solving details before fabrication begins

60 foot door truss 032   60 foot door truss 034


August 2008 055  August 2008 057


August 2008 011   August 2008 049






Water Blasting

Concrete demolition, clearing obstructions in pipes, tubes and silos


Call or text message 210.669.6552 ~ 830.560.2109

Email office@millwrightsites.com


20141008_103913   20141010_132401

Radius concrete fillet keyway cut into a drain tunnel 90ft below ground surface where the city’s homeless reside on a river walk 3 blocks from the state capitol.


Water Blast and Shotcrete 010   water blasting concrete demo MVC-009S 




Clean and roughen concrete surface preparation for repair compounds




Paint and concrete repair compounds will bond to clean surfaces



Clearing obstructions in pipes, tubes and silos with water jetting

20140220_122411   20140122_001228


One our mobile tool cribs and a water blast pump


Water Blast pump MVC-003S   20130909_171918





A 3D Nozzle setup for cleaning a process vessel and lance polishing of  heat exchanger bundle tubes



   tank with cut away


Water blast tools



Lance jetting of condenser tubes






IMG_0055   IMG_0056


Water Blasting is an exact science requiring the tools for the job. It is not about the pump by itself.



We can automate manual process systems


100226   May 25th 2012 Carbo New Iberia LA 013 


May 25th 2012 Carbo New Iberia LA 073   100226




We install Remote Inventory management devices and CPU’s


DSC07794   DSC07803



We install Programmable Automated Controllers


PAC’s are the inexpensive solution for automation


PAC’s are the current generation of PLC’s built on the simple building blocks of step ladder logic and the benefits of a computer, networking and software that is easily learned by anyone with computer experience.





We design-build bulk storage tanks, bucket elevators and towers

A design-build bulk storage facility built in the great state of Louisiana where you can walk down the street with your beer.


Deep foundations built through drilling fluid into t he Mississippi River Basin




Tank Erection Novemeber 2010 028   Tank Erection Novemeber 2010 076























Core drilling tank anchor bolts 32-inch depth into concrete footing


  Elevator Tower January 2011 137

A design-build 120ft height service tower for bulk storage bucket elevator and spouting


  1306 ton 2 tanks LA


Rail receive and load-out and truck load-out bulk storage system

work done 1st week of March 2011 053 

Installation of bucket elevator


Fat Tank AdditionOctober 2009 020  Fat Tank AdditionOctober 2009 024


A design-build Bulk fat storage addition in the best part of Texas, the Brazos Valley.


Fat Tank AdditionOctober 2009 020  Fat Tank AdditionOctober 2009 001



May 3rd 2012 Carbo Eufaula AL 023   May 3rd 2012 Carbo Eufaula AL 014

We CNC Shape cut plates on the job site and at our fab shop


60 foot door truss 002   60 foot door truss 020

Flanges and connecting plates cut exact



fab shop CNC cut beam 2   CASTELATED BEAM


We have castellated beams for many purposes

To lighten structures

To strengthen structures

For mechanical and architectural purposes




We design-build specific-use buildings




A beam saw-drill-cope process line


image030  CCS metal building MVC-035S

Hurst Fab Shop 003  Hurst Fab Shop 021

We can provide the rigid Main Frames required

CMC  Shredder Compressed Air Plant 001   2008 022


july 2012 004   july 2012 008

We build portable buildings for offices or living

july 2012 012   DSC07797

Up to 22’x 50’ - all steel construction - concrete or wood floor

DSC07795 DSC07796




Fabrication in our fab shop and on the job



60 foot door truss 030   20131118_093430


Fabshop MVC-003S fabrications 080610 002 fabshop 021 60 foot door truss 010 60 foot door truss 017 DSC01092



Sanderson FM Crane 005s Sanderson FM Crane 023s

A design-build 2500lbs overhanging crane 132ft above gound level on top of grain storage at a feed mill


batch conveyor Cal Maine mixer MVC-007S

A design-build portable concrete aggregate scale-hopper-conveyor and vertical mixer for a feed mill




A design-build truss in an aerospace plant installed to allow installation of a 3rd autoclave


20140628_093637 20140629_175835 20140803_090038

A design-build 50’ door-crane way truss for jet engine fan plant FY2014


Concrete Construction

Olympia Bridge 006S Olympia Bridge 008S Olympia Bridge 013S

We have built bridges

CMC Roll Mill Surge Pond Basin 123  CMC Roll Mill Surge Pond Basin 086


 CMC Roll Mill Surge Pond Basin 063  CMC Roll Mill Surge Pond Basin 138


080623 020  concrete placement 07

We have built and modified treatment basins


another_concrete_job  quality_leadership_gets_results 

SMI Shredder conc 1  image002


We have placed 1200 cubic yards of concrete in a day many times


Shredder conc 7  Shredder conc 6


We know the high-performance concretes and grouts


Shredder conc 5   Shredder a17 


conduit intersection concrete placement 03


We use reliable prefabricated forming methods


image024  prefabed forming in place


big embeds 1  embeds


We provide concrete embeds with proven Nelson Studs


pile 1  concrete placement 01


drilled pier deep foundations




image022  CMC TX


We install piping, vaults & tanks of all types



FY2008 011 FY2008 001


We design-build personnel work platforms and cat walks


Carbo SA Termnal 007 Carbo Ceramics SA Silo 9 006


 We engineer-fabricate-install piping and spouting for a wide range of products and materials




SMI Shredder concrete 012F 

Paving removed and replaced in 96 hours





We solve project problems with engineering



We used Engineering modeling procedures to develop a Shot Crete that will bond to old concrete to provide a time driven and durable concrete repair application.


shotcrete slag quenching 3 SMI shotcrete slag quenching April 2002 Water Blast and Shotcrete 024


We provide shotcrete wet application for lining tanks and walls, slopes, compression ring shoring, heavy structural repairs.


The Shot Crete application method has been utilized for more than 95 years with some outstanding achievements in tunnels.


the American Concrete Institute committee 506 was organized in 1942 to cover shot Crete standards for the USA. Shot Crete is a proven method used to repair concrete, to build tanks, to seal tunnels and aqua ducts, to shore deep vertical excavations, for domed roofs and to build difficult shaped structures. Shot Crete walls combined with earth screw anchors build superior retaining walls.


>>> Problems solved with Shot Crete are limited by imagination <<<




Remote access and confined space work


We seal leaks from inside tanks


SFM Loadout bin Repairs 001 on rope MVC-011S

We will accomplish tasks that require remote access


Sanderson climb 1 Tyson climb 2


Work solutions for remote access work are practical skills using professional equipment for the job.



Sanderson FM South view 01 Sanderson FM on rope climb 006S


Acessing the inaccessable


customer Sanderson FM 1009S


Replacement of 16” spout pipe 32’ above the mill roof and 177 feet above ground level while mill is running.






Gallery of projects done












anchor bolt          bd16580_

The largest anchor bolt that we have cast into a concrete foundation were

5-inch diameter by 192-inch depth for a 25,000-horsepower synchronous motor





SMI roll mill reject table flume  SMI roll mill reject table flume 3


concreeete demo 01  SMI roll mill reject table flume 2


SMI roll mill reject table flume 4  SMI roll mill reject table flume 5

9 ft. depth drain flume cut into floor to a tunnel for a steel mill


CMC 'C' Cooling Tower Support Structure & Piping 031 CMC 'C' Cooling Tower Support Structure 016



under designed Mixer 36 inch Drag Conveyor September 2010 033   CMC




Tyson FM load out 007s  Tyson Fm load out 008s




9  001108 shredder 





Huricane damage repaired where you know where you are when the first things to be used up after a storm is the hot dogs and beer.


080623 007 


Structural upgrade at the concrete columns sub-structure of a condominium complex


CCS Crane Way 002S Vaccum Pump Shelter 2011 003

We service crane ways and  design-build special building additions and shelters


090421 Dark Side Spouts & Platform 007  

We service transload facilities



20140615_092657  20140731_110235


Emergency response to storm damage Thursday June 12th 2014

The 140 ft. X 55 ft. wall was restored upright and secured 115 hours after the storm

and production was resumed Monday June 15th




20140519_184830  20140519_115842

Replacing an interference fit bearing with a hyraulic puller


20131118_093400  20131203_095554 

A design-build belt conveyor drop-point diverter with a dust controller