Due to poor water conditions and maintenance this cooling tower condition quickly deteriorated.  In less than 5 years all galvanized steel was corroded, rusting and literally falling apart.  Customer has purchased a new stainless steel tower and called us to Demolish the old structure before delivery and Installation of the new structure.  We had already helped the customer in decommissioning the tower due to safety concerns.

The challenge of this Demo was that the plant, and there for the other tower, was to remain in operation.   We had to be extremely careful and work around and under the existing return water return lines.  We started work by removing the central components such as fan shroud, fan with motor and gear box and internal fan frame works. Next was to remove the Counterflow Film Fill material and supporting frame work.   Working under the water return lines we couldn’t just lift and carry away.  We cut the frame from the bottom basin,  attached to the top pulled down and inward.  The first frame pulled away and remained intact.  With the second frame the fill material separated from the frame upon lifting.  Finally the solid stainless steel basin was remaining and that was easily separated from the base support beams and removed.


Installation presented additional challenges.  Due to the width of the tower and lifting location we had to create our own custom spreader beam.   First the delivery truck was unable to drive around and park near the location.  This required an additional lift to move the new tower near the site.  Second with the  water return lines still in place we had to lift the new tower in one, place it on the base support beams and slide it into place.

The following week we returned to ready to tower for operation.  Installed the water fill lines, attached the water suction and return lines,  and wired the fan motor for operation.  After a short time to trial the new tower we will return to demo the second old tower.