Our Services

Millwright Sites LLC provides a variety of industrial services to perfectly suit the requirements and needs of your company. We use only the best contractors and only the most modern equipment to provide you with a quality construction or maintenance job. The quality of Millwright Sites LLC services can be rivaled only by our continual commitment to safety for our crews and clients.

Specialized Services

Millwright Sites LLC provides design-build service to a variety of companies around the United States. Whether you are a Processor, Manufacturer or a Miner, we provide detailing plans for your large scale industrial project or your small scale industrial project. All of the designing, to the building process, is done completely on site.

Maintenance Industrial Services

We provide a variety of industrial services to large and small companies all around the United States of America. Millwright Sites LLC also provides on site custom industrial constriction services for multiple types of industries and machinery including, but not limited to, industrial piping, concrete repair, and mainframes. Fell free to take a look at our gallery for a visual look at our many projects we have completed over the years. Whether you need design-build work for maintenance, demolition and dismantling, or environmental projects, to name a few, we have the skill and timeliness of an Millwright serves for which you are looking.

Millwright Sites LLC maintenance services include demolition services and dismantling services, to name a few. Or, we can provide custom construction services for almost any project including compressed air plants, mainframes, and portable buildings. Take a look at our company profile and gallery for a small taste of the types of projects that Millwright Sites LLC can complete for you! The primary areas in which we meet the demands for include Concrete, Steel , Machinery, Engineering, Maintenance, and Critical Path Projects.

Our Guidelines

There are 3 guidelines that make up the Millwright Sites LLC beliefs:

  1. Profit is the Motive

  2. Risk is the Obstacle

  3. Service is the Product

Need More Information?

When you choose Millwright Sites LLC, you can be stress free knowing that you have chosen a service who will complete your industrial project in a timely manner with unparalleled, quality work.

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