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Concrete Construction

We solve project problems with engineering

We used Engineering modeling procedures to develop a Shot Crete that will bond to old concrete to provide a time driven and durable concrete repair application.

We provide shotcrete wet application for lining tanks and walls, slopes, compression ring shoring, heavy structural repairs.

The Shot Crete application method has been utilized for more than 95 years with some outstanding achievements in tunnels.

the American Concrete Institute committee 506 was organized in 1942 to cover shot Crete standards for the USA. Shot Crete is a proven method used to repair concrete, to build tanks, to seal tunnels and aqua ducts, to shore deep vertical excavations, for domed roofs and to build difficult shaped structures. Shot Crete walls combined with earth screw anchors build superior retaining walls.

>>> Problems solved with Shot Crete are limited by imagination <<<

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